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I met Eye Envy years ago at an Pet  Expo and I was a curious dog mom of four chihuahuas. I had two of my chihuahuas with tear staining around their eyes. Eye Envy  assured me this product is safe and natural and gave me a sample.  I was skeptical as an overprotective dog mom. I tried this product on my all white short coat chihuahua and in less than a month tear stains gone ! I also tried it on my other chihuahua , a blue and white short coat with sensitive skin and crustiness around his eyes It took a little over a month for him , due to his severity but  It worked like a charm!  

 I would choose Pup & Co Boutique Eye Envy Starter Kit  to get started on

removing dog tear stains.



Even though there are many tear stain removers out there that are effective, some of the chemicals contained in them end up doing more damage over the long run. It’s tempting for dog owners to go for the quick and easy solution if your dog’s eyes look really bad because of tear stains.


The fact of the matter is there is no quick and easy solution for removing dog tear stains. Any solution that works is going to take time and consistent effort over the course of your dog’s life; daily. What you can find however is a good quality stain remover that proves lasting results, even if it takes a couple of months to clear all the way up.


Too many dog owners give up before a solution has a chance to work. The problem is that antibiotic resistance is just one downside to those quick fixes. Other chemicals can dry out your dog’s eyes, create skin reactions, or cause stomach issues after years of use.


Remember, tear stain removal is a step-by-step process, every day at a time. If at any point you quit your daily maintenance routine or you skimp on the quality of your dog’s shampoo, tear stains will come back.


Eye Envy’s All Natural Tear Stain Removers are designed to be used over the long term. Your dog won’t build up resistance to it and instead of using harsh chemicals or man-made antibiotics, our products use natural antibiotics to combat tear staining.


Our  shampoos and powders will not harm the skin or damage your dog’s fur while being one of the most effective commercial treatments for dog tear stain removal available. Instead of covering up the issue, our shampoos get to the root of it.


If your dog has sensitive skin, sensitive eyes, or suffers from allergies, this is the exact product you need. All of Eye Envy’s stain removers are allergy-free. 

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