G.O.A.T. Bluetooth Pet Speaker


G.O.A.T. Bluetooth Pet Speaker - "Spot Dog"

Our pets mean the world to us and we often talk to them as though they can respond. But what if they could? Now, with G.O.A.T Pet Speaker and app, they can!

    • Simply clip to your pet’s collar leash or use the included pet parent lanyard and download the G.O.A.T. Pet Speaker app
    • Bluetooth Sync speaker to G.O.A.T. Pet Speaker's app (be sure to click on G.O.A.T. under Bluetooth settings and when in Selfie mode go back and click G.O.A.T. Selfie)
    • Create pet profile, personalize with photo: set language and accent
    • Customize your pet's responses with your own voice or type in and choose from the many languages and accents….. So much FUN!
    • Selfie button right on speaker, take pics with your pet - no need for Selfie sticks :-)
    • Organize your pet's schedule with your pets own personal calendar
    • Stream their favorite music while on a walk or play their favorite lullaby for nap time. (Caution: Speaker has amazing sound quality, be sure to only use at the volume your pet is comfortable with)
    • Built-in Clip easily attaches to any collar, leash, bird cage or on pet-parent
    • Wrist strap option for pet-parent
    • Universal USB charger included
    • Fast 1hr for a full charge - Charge lasts 4-8 hrs.

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